As a Licensed Swiss Financial Institution, with our consortium partners, offers a range of Venture Capital, Project Funding and Business Loans options.

We offer a range of Bespoke Funding Opportunities to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Each offering is different. Therefore having a secure range of options available to our clients provides them with added security. The client is assured it is the right funding option for their business.

We have found the most successful business relationships are built with flexibility on the funders behalf.

with our consortium partners provides access to a range of solutions to meet your business and funding needs.

We are pleased to offer the following options for your consideration.

with our consortium partners is an Exclusive Agent for the CD Collateral Asset Capital Guarantee Funding Program.

This option allows the client to increase the Collateral Asset Value on the Company Balance Sheet. Which is why most fail to secure the needed funding, the Balance Sheet was not enticing enough.

This CD Collateral Asset Capital Guarantee Funding Program provides for the Issuance by a recognized international bank, 100% Cash Backed, Certificate of Deposit, fully secured and confirmable, with full bank responsibility, listed on DTC or Euroclear, in the name of the client. The CD is then reflected in the company Balance Sheet to show the underlying assets. The CD is confirmable and verifiable via the lenders bank.

Provided below you find two areas within the markets where clients may use the CD. However, it may be applicable to other business situations to suit your specific business needs.

The strategic objective of the CD Collateral Asset Capital Guarantee Funding Program is to provide the Collateral Asset Capital, required to back your projects, allowing you to obtain the funding you require to meet the Lenders requirements.

Depending on the clients international banking positions with our consortium partners offers a services to receive the CD and to act as Custodian and provide all banking confirmation with the clients Lende


This opportunity is offered through a top 5 International Bank. CD100% Cash Backed, Certificate of Deposit, fully secured and confirmable, with full bank responsibility, listed on DTC or Euroclear. Ideal for projects lacking the collateral to begin a major project. This will stop a Lender if they feel the Balance Sheet or Collateral Assets are not enticing. This Program offers a secure, proven method to raise a CD with no upper limits for cents on the dollar. You will find this the most secure and cost effective method of raising collateral for your projects. The CD is then used as Collateral Backing for any loans or commitments the project owners require. The CD is renewable each year.

  • Project Development Funding

  • Major Construction Projects

  • Major Infrastructure Projects

  • Please Download our Briefing Note. It provides you with an in depth overview of the procedures, costs and requirements in order to submit an application.


    This option works perfectly for commodities traders, brokers and intermediaries. It gives them the power to instantly confirm and execute their deal. The CD acts as a Proof of Funds to both Buyer and Seller. Once each party agrees to the terms, they, the Buyer and Seller, instruct their banks to issue Letters of Credit. The unique opportunity here, there is no requirement for any bank to bank confirmation. As the traders, brokers and intermediaries show they have Proof of Funds. Its three things in one. A Proof of Funds, Revolving Line of Credit, and provides for the issuance of Back To Back Letters of Credit. The CD maybe used over and over again as many times as required. It is a very powerful option you have in your hands, allowing you to do larger and larger transactions. All based on a cents in the dollar cost to funding ratio. The CD is renewable each year.

  • Applicable to all commodity transactions

  • Use for proof of funds to purchase commodities

  • Use for the issuance of Back to Back Letters of Credit

  • Please Download our Briefing Note. It provides you with an in depth overview of the procedures, costs and requirements in order to submit an application.


    The 20% Deposit Guarantee Business Loan offers a unique option to fund your business without the red tape of a bank loan. Faster, Easier and Cheaper than Bank Finance, with our consortium partners created this product specifically to meet the needs of our clients. It is our most successful funding program. Fully secured with Certificate of Deposit.


    90% Project Finance program offers a unique opportunity to fund 90% of total project costs. Provide your business plans, financial, and an executive summary. You will need to show you have 10% of the project costs, in order to qualify for this project funding. This program has run for many years, and in conjunction with internationally recognized bodies. Fully secured by Bank Guarantee.


    with our consortium partners provide a Guaranteed Access, for those with Sovereign Debt Instruments, such as Government Bonds. Our Program offers a secure and proven method to successfully trade these instruments. We obtain a Line of Credit through our Banking and Trade Partners. Funds are then traded and allocated to meet the costs of your projects. It is mandatory to submit a project in order to enter the program. If the clients do not have a project, one is applied to for them to fund.

    with our consortium partners works with Investors, Developers and Entrepreneurs, bringing them together to work out a solutions based response to their capital funding needs. Working in a range of different markets, we can provide you a range of Bespoke options to meet your strategic goals.

    In order to obtain further information on these or other Venture Capital Funding Options please contact us.