Trade Finance

Through our affiliates, correspondents and partners we support clients with accessing StandByLetters of Credit (SBLC), Letters of Credit (LOC) Import Bills for Collections, Shipping Guarantees, Import Financing, performance bonds, export LC advising, LC safekeeping, LC confirmation, LC checking and negotiation, pre-shipment, export finance, export bills for collections, and invoice financing.

How can a Letter of Credit help you?
For agents, brokers, corporations, government linked companies, small-medium sized enterprises, and traders; Letters of Credit improves credit worthiness and reduces risk of default, you can gain access to financing options not previously available. A Letter of Credit can help you get lower interest rates and better financing terms. We can help you obtain this important instrument. Letters of Credit (LOC) are issued by banks on the behalf of buyers and payment is made by the bank in correct amount and on time to the seller subject to the terms set by you for the seller of the product or services.

A Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) is similar in that it is issued by a bank. Rather than directly making the payment at the first instance, the bank guarantees that payment will be made and binding the bank to payment if the holder of the letter does not pay. Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC) give assurance that in case of failure of the buyer, the bank will make payment to the seller.

White Capital Group can liaise with its correspondents, to issue LOC/SBLC towards its clients from top 100 financial institutions

Within a 48 -144 hour turn around time.

And to expedite the delivery of the instrument with SWIFT messaging.

Upon full submission of project questionnaire and executive summary. Clients must supply proof of funds showing financial capacity to engage with our Fund Manager. Proof of funds can be a tear sheet, bank statement, or bank reference letter. Once the proof of funds is submitted, please allow us up to 24-72 hours to review and confirm.