Project Funding

Through our corresponding partners we are able to assist clients access funding towards projects for which we have conducted due diligence and feasibility studies after signing the Engagement.

#1 Reason Why Projects are sitting on the Sidelines without Financing:
Lack of adequate liquidity to meet the requirements of lenders. We are ONLY interested in assisting with finance towards companies/entities with Liquidity or capable to pay the closing cost.

Our partners are interested in projects owned by companies with at least 3 years business experience in the markets they operate in. They fund projects in the pre-identified sectors.

We also structure projects requiring funding of over $ 5 million. We consider projects from almost all jurisdictions in Africa, Europe, Asia, Latin America and Canada projects seeking over $5million and up. If you as a principal also want to raise capital via stock exchange listing in German we are here to help.

In order to properly establish the above, clients must fill inthe project questionnaire and provide executive summary of project. Please keep in mind that the investment committee speaks only with the Principals not intermediaries. If you do not have a fee agreement let us know and we will advise. We also will consider Commodities (in-ground & above ground assets) Construction, Energy, Humanitarian, Infrastructure, Hotels, Low-Income Housing, and Working Capital. We await your full project submission.