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Through our affiliates, correspondents and partners we support clients with accessing StandByLetters of Credit (SBLC), Letters of Credit (LOC) Import Bills for Collections, Shipping Guarantees, Import Financing, performance bonds, export LC advising, LC safekeeping, LC confirmation, LC checking and negotiation, pre-shipment, export finance, export bills for collections, and invoice financing.
There are a number of tools used in this day which make doing business much less complicated than it used to be. The abundance in availability of these tools is overwhelming and it can be very difficult to discern which tools are best for a particular situation.Financial Instruments such as Bank guarantees are one such type of instrument.
Through our corresponding partners we are able to assist clients access funding towards projects we have conducted due diligence and feasibility studies on lack of liquidity to meet the requirements of lenders. We are ONLY interested in assisting with finance towards companies/entities with Liquidity or capable to pay the closing cost.

Project Structuring for Finance

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We structure projects for clients and assist them in accessing finance via our correspondents and partners. one of an entrepreneur with a registered company in Africa has been importing cooking oil worth USD 15 000 from a company located in Assia over the past 3 years. one of an entrepreneur has a supply contract with one of the wholesalers of cooking oil in Africa. The entrepreneur contacted us to access finance for his business.
1. We consider and assist businesses and projects that require funding from Africa, Asia, Europe, South East Asia, South America, North America.

2. We specialize in Trade Finance, Capital Raising via stock exchange listing, Financial Instruments and general Project Funding

3. We have an in-house team has with experience over 33 years in Banking, Investment, Project consultancy, Credit and the Risk Management field.

1. We create and generate the liquidity necessary to fund selected projects and transactions chosen by the Investment Committee of our circular group.

2. As in everything in life the key to succeeding in any venture is closely tied to valuable relationships within the organization.

3. Team work or synergy within the organization with key proprietary information tied together to accomplish a mutual goal. In our case the mutual goal is generating liquidity to fund selected transactions

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ANIMAL FEED INGREDIENTS: Cotton Seed, Cotton Oil cake, Maize Bran, Wheat Bran.

AGRICULTURE PRODUCTS: Maize, Wheat, Pigeon Peas, Soya Beans, Sugar Beans, Sesame Seed, Sunflower, Cotton, Rice, Pulses etc.,

MINERAL PRODUCTS: Coking / Metallurgical Coal (Mozambique), Thermal / Steam Coal, Iron Ore, Rough Diamond, OIL & GAS: Crude Palm Oil - Indonesia and Malaysia, Vegetable Oil, LPG, D2 Diesel, JP54.

SWIFT stands for Society for World-wide Inter-bank Financial Telecommunications and is an international organisation. It provides means of secure communications between Banks and its members. Membership to the society is regulated and only vetted applicants are permitted to use the system at varying access levels.
White Capital groups Fund has developed strategic relationships with Manufacturers and Corporations to meet the needs of (Plant, Equipment and Solar (Photovoltaic/Thermal) related users globally. Our Asset Finance solutions cater for clients in Africa, South East Asia and South America. Our exclusive program allows clients to access finance in the form of a financial instrument (SBLC/LC) to specifically purchase Plant and Equipment and Solar Related products from our strategic partners.

Funding Process

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The process starts off with Business Development Managers/ Applicants submitting information. Client fills in Project Questionnaire, provides Executive Summary of Project and Letter of Intent (Company letterhead). *** Once approved project is passed on for Stage 2 - All Applicants are required to sign a non-circumvention non-disclosure agreement.

Full Disclosure on rates/closing cost and terms: RATES: (Are subject to change and will be updated accordingly). We provide Trade finance and financial instruments for companies requiring a minimum of USD 350 000 and Up. Our Rate and Validity of instruments (SBLC/BG): Range Between 7.0% - 17% per 90 days and per 366 days (1 year 1 day) (Our rate/term is dependent on instrument issuer, amount)

Considering our most valuable asset of time, it is important we establish mutual compatibility early on. The most common denominator we have found in the Project World is lack of Liquidity on the part of Borrowers. For a number of reasons, as high as 70% or more borrowers in the market do not qualify for bank or lender financing through normal channels, that typically expect borrowers to inject 20-40% capital in their projects.