with our consortium partners provide an exclusive Premium Pre Paid Black Visa Card. This is a Premium Offshore Prepaid VISA BLACK Card and is the most sought after Prepaid option on the market today. It is a perfect match when establishing your offshore structure and a perfect match for your offshore banking. The card only comes in US Dollars. This card provides the largest number of benefits and advantages than any other card offerings today. Comes with Security Chip and works worldwide wherever the VISA Card is accepted.

Premium Offshore Prepaid VISA BLACK Card has one of the highest load limits, daily ATM Withdrawals, Online and POS Sales. You can have a Corporate Card without sending your corporate documents, thanks to our access to Fourth Line Printing on the card.

gives you greater levels of Privacy and Protection. Your card is not linked directly to a bank account. This card will also protect you against ID THEFT. It has many inbuilt security features making it one of the best card offerings today.

Premium Offshore Prepaid VISA BLACK Card gives you a secure online account management tool which allows you to transfer funds between accounts. You can even send funds via SMS to other cards. Open, manage and transfer funds to other cards.

Pre Paid Master Card offers a wider range of currencies and is provided to offer a mix of solutions. There are smaller load levels and daily limits when compared to the Pre Paid Black Visa Card.

Neither card is directly linked to the Clients Trust Account, but you can load the card via your Online Trust Account or from any bank account or method of deposit the cards accept.

These are two ideal card solutions to go hand in hand with an offshore corporation and a Private Online Swiss Trust Account.