Now more than ever, it is vital to ensure you have safe and secure access to your funds offshore 24/7. Now you can access a centuries old tradition. Private Swiss Trust Banking has operated since the late 1700's. Licensed to provide a range of e-banking and investment services under Swiss Laws, your Privacy with us is assured. Providing a layer of protection for both clients and their assets from the preying eyes of authorities. There are many diverse benefits to opening your Online Private Swiss Trust Account, including;

  • Secure Online Swiss Private Trust Banking
  • Ease & Speed Of Account Opening
  • 100% Secure Private Swiss Account
  • No Limits On Fund Transfers
  • Online Secure Access 24/7
  • Multi Currency Account
  • Pre Paid Card Solutions
  • We have tailored a solution to meet the diverse needs of our clients. You may choose from one of the following three options. You can upgrade your account at any time in the future if your needs change.

  • Standard Account EUR 500

  • The Account comes with USD and EURO as standard currencies, and you may elect 1 more currency. You may add further currencies when you require.

  • International Account EUR 750

  • The Account comes with USD and EURO as standard currencies, and you may elect 3 more currencies. You may add further currencies when you require.

  • Corporate Account EUR 1000

  • The Account comes with total access to 52 currencies.

  • Prepaid Black VISA Debit Card EUR 350 - Elusive Offer

  • Premium Card with high load, daily, ATM, POS and Online. A truly ideal offshore card to go with your new Trust Account.

    As a Private Banking and Investment Trust with our consortium partners, provide a range of additional services the clients may call upon to conduct their business.

  • Private Banker

  • Conducts all your online transactions at your direction and will present a full account for your approval. Then your Private Banker does all the heavy work. You relax knowing that all your banking needs are taken care of. Instruct your Banker to pay bills, transfer funds to debit cards, etc.

  • Private Investment Advisers

  • Your Private Investment Adviser works directly with you to plan a secure and profitable investment strategy. They will present to you a full account for your approval. This allows you to make informed investment decisions based on their advice. You may instruct your Adviser on what you want them to do. It is a good option to consider when opening your brokerage or investment accounts.

    An Online Private Swiss Trust Account is an ideal banking option for offshore companies, trusts and foundations.

    A Trust Account provides the ultimate in Privacy, as the Trust does not reveal our clients ID to any of our banking, investment or third parties it transacts with.

    With a Private Trust Account, all your business is conducted in the name of the Trust, thus totally protecting your identity.

    We guarantee our clients right to Privacy and Protection. Under Swiss Banking and Privacy Laws it is not permitted to disclose information to any third party regarding the Trust, its business or its clients. This ensures your privacy is not revealed to your government or other parties.

    We offer Solutions Based Approach giving a higher degree of flexibility to Tailor your own Private Trust Account.

    You can open your account online in about 15 minutes, via our fast secure and easy to complete online application form.