with our consortium partners now provide direct, instant access to the Precious Metals Markets, through our In House Precious Metals Trading Platform. Clients simply open an account with us, fund their metals account and request an order. It is as simple as a couple of mouse clicks and you have purchased, stored and insured your new asset.

Using the latest cutting edge technology, our Platform eliminates a number of structural inefficiencies within the precious metals markets, delivering our clients a seamless, secure and safe process to purchase, store and insure their precious metals. All done with just a couple of mouse clicks. It is one simple transaction.

Your trades are executed directly via our In House Precious Metals Platform, to our international dealer, bullion banks and refinery network. Price competition is the driving force behind this new, cutting edge process.

Your order is submitted to one of the largest global gold markets, where institutional buyers and sellers meet, international banks, hedge and mutual funds, dealers, and wholesales who then bid against each other for your business.

This ensures our clients get the best possible price. It is a Strategic Advantage a broker cannot offer. It levels the playing field and puts the purchasing power in the hands of the buyer or seller of their metals. No other system provides this unique form of precious metals trading.

The bottom line is we eliminate the hassles, risk, and uncertainty you experience when buying, storing, or selling precious metals.

Private Swiss Precious Metals Account
Today buying precious metals can be a daunting task. The traditional method is to find a reputable broker/dealer, and that is not easy these days. Somewhere secure to store your metals. Then look for insurance for your new asset. And this is where it becomes tricky. It is also where it becomes risky.

How do you know you are buying from a reputable refinery? Is your asset bought in the name of a company and then simply allocated to your name in their register? These are the two most common mistakes people make. Time, effort and money generally wasted.

Yet owning precious metals allows you to diversify your asset holdings. At the same time you can protect the asset by storing it outside of the country you live in. Hedging against inflation, wars or civil unrest will ensure your wealth is protected.

Guarantee of Ownership
This a very crucial point when purchasing precious metals. Many times, using a traditional broker, to purchase and store your metals, they are purchased in the name of the Broker, and simply allocated to your account. But the broker owns the precious metals. So what happens to your assets, if the broker goes out of business or just steals your metal? It has happened before.

This is not ownership of the precious metals
Cavet Emptor ~ Buyer Be Aware
Ownership is when the metal is purchased directly
in your name or by a corporate entity
Placet Emptor - Buyer Be Pleased

Your precious metal is your precious metal. You own it outright. That is what you get when you open a Private Swiss Precious Metals Trust Account with with our consortium partners. It is our guarantee to our clients they are dealing with a recognized financial institution providing access to the global precious metals market.

Assured of your purchase, storage and insurance, working with with our consortium partners to diversify your international asset base allows you the comfort and security of dealing with a fully Licensed Swiss Financial Trust Company, with Banking, Asset Management and Financial Intermediaries Licenses.

100% Allocated Metals Guarantee
We provide a 100% Allocated Metals Guarantee to our clients they are purchasing fully allocated and audited metals. No percentage share of a metal is permitted thus ensuring your allocated ownership is 100% secure. This provides our clients with the confidence and security they require, ensuring their metals are under their control and ownership, not a broker or third party.

Guaranteed Assay of Metals
To ensure our clients are totally confident in their purchase we also provide a Guarantee of Assay that provides you with total security you are buying the correct metals. We only deal with world recognized refineries and bullion suppliers. This assures our clients investment is well protected, knowing should they wish to sell their metals a future buyer will want to see the stamp of a reputable refiner.

Daily Audits
A Daily Audit allows our account holders to ensure they are fully informed on their asset holdings. Quarterly audits are provided by a recognized international accounting firm. As each purchase is physically allocated metal, the daily audit provides confidence our clients require their investment is safe.

It goes without saying if you invest in precious metal assets you also need to insure them, unless you take physical delivery of the asset. With a Private Swiss Precious Metals Trust Account, you are automatically covered for the full face value of your purchase via Lloyd's of London.

Should you choose to take physical delivery of your asset further charges will apply but again during transportation your asset is fully covered against any loss or theft, through Lloyd's of London.

Secure Global Storage
Security is the first and foremost consideration when storing your precious metals. When you open an Private Swiss Precious Metals Trust Account with with our consortium partners, your security is assured. Our Precious Metals Platform does not just purchase your metals, we also ensure you gain access to secure non-bank storage facilities of the highest order.

And this is what sets the old 20th century method apart from our 21st century cutting edge Precious Metals Platform. It is making efficient use of the markets structural weaknesses with modern technology. It puts the control back in your hands not a broker.

with our consortium partnersprovides our clients several of locations where they can store their metals. You simply indicate when you place your order for a specific metal what location you wish to safely and securely store your precious metals.

Working with internationally recognized non-bank secure storage, your metal assets are very secure. These are the same vaults used by central banks and governments throughout the world. So you know your investment is safe and very securely stored.

Buyers of precious metals should only buy bars that bear a universally recognized hallmark. Bars fabricated by little-known refineries provide increased risk of counterfeiting, and a future buyer will want to see the stamp of a reputable refiner.

One major benefit you obtain is our �Guaranteed Assay� of metals, thus providing you with the highest standards of quality, security and safety over your purchase, and provides you with the peace of mind in the decision making process. with our consortium partnersassures our clients we only deal with highly reputable and international refineries to source our products and include;

AGR Matthey
Credit Suisse
Emirates Gold

Strategic Advantage and Benefits
There are numerous strategic advantages and benefits you gain when opening your Private Swiss Precious Metals Trust Account with with our consortium partners Bullion Trading Company. The most important strategic advantage you gain is the security, safety and the confidence when making your purchasing decisions.

We offer our clients two options when opening their Private Swiss Precious Metals Trust Account.

Corporate Account
Once the client has opened their Master Swiss Trust Banking Account, a Precious Metals Account is then created within their Master Swiss Trust Banking Account. When the client places an order, the Unencumbered Ownership of the metal is recorded in the name of the clients Master Swiss Trust Banking Account or their corporate entity. This is fully allocated to the client and confirms their total ownership and control over the asset.

Nominee Custodial Accounts
You can now establish a Nominee Custodial Account, with with our consortium partnersand have your metal assets held in Custody on your behalf. Fully transparent, and audited, we provide for the issuance of an Safe Keeping Receipt (SKR) for each allocated bar with the serial number of the asset recorded on the SKR. This provides for 100% Privacy Protection and Profit. See further info below.

You Gain Major Benefits when opening a Private Swiss Precious Metals Trust Account and include

  • Buy Store Insure - all in one easy transaction

  • Sell - at any time with your funds placed into your Swiss Trust Account

  • Physical Delivery - Buy internationally take delivery locally

  • Access Highly Liquid Markets - executed seamlessly through our platform

  • Guaranteed Assay - of metals providing you with certainty over your purchase

  • Fully Insured � all bullion is 100% insured through Lloyd�s of London

  • Physical Audits - for physical verification of every bar stored

  • Eliminate Fraud and Risk - to protect your investment and preserve your wealth

  • Lower Storage and Insurance Costs - than market average

  • Allocated Accounts - are verified with holdings and valuations reported daily

  • Account Opening
    You can open your Private Swiss Trust Banking Account with with our consortium partners, and then we will open your Private Swiss Precious Metals Trust Account.

    It is a fast, easy and secure online application that will take about 15 mins to complete. Please Note: with our consortium partnersdoes not open personal accounts. We only provide services to incorporated entities from a recognized and competent jurisdiction.

    Nominee Accounts
    For the discerning High Net Worth Individual and the Sophisticated Investor we offer a very unique and private method to purchase your precious metals in complete anonymity using our Nominee Services.

    Essentially we purchase the metals on your behalf in the name of the Trust, via a Custodial Account, and provide you with an allocated asset. As a Licensed Financial Institution permitted to conduct banking, we provide our clients with a Safe Keeping Receipt (SKR), with the individual registration numbers of their assets. At no stage of the purchase or sale process, do we reveal the clients identity,

    This provides the security and peace of mind for our clients they have total ownership of the allocated metal held in a Custodial Account through with our consortium partners, on their behalf. Further the daily and quarterly audits of the metal provide further security over the clients assets.

    Clients who choose this method to secure their precious metals incur further charges and must incorporate a specific private trust. with our consortium partnerswill act as the Trustee for and on behalf of our client. This method is secure, safe and a proven way to protect our clients privacy. This service provides a fully audited Custodial Account for the client, held and managed under our Asset Management License.