Funding Process

For Africa, Asia-Pacific, South East Asia and South America based companies


The process starts off with Business Development Managers/ Applicants submitting information.

Client fills in Project Questionnaire, provides Executive Summary of Project and Letter of Intent (Company letterhead).

*** Once approved project is passed on for Stage 2 - All Applicants are required to sign a non-circumvention non-disclosure agreement.


the region. Company registrations must be authenticated with Tax authorities, local authorities, industry regulatory bodies, etc, providing confirmation compliance with requirements - annual or regular.

Due diligence process of company and project

Risk Analysis


Investment decisions lie with the Investment Committee and by consensus is then approved by the Fund Manager for each project.

*** Once project is approved Agreements Executed

Proof of Funds from Applicant

Funding initiated


In Africa, Europe, USA, South East Asia. Facility minimum of $ 150 000 Experience Management Early to Mid-cap companies Within focus sectors Viable, Profitable, Sustainable Excludes gambling, drugs and arms trade.

We have a global network team of business development managers in: Africa, America, Europe, South East Asia who are readily available to assist you in meeting your needs.