Funding Criteria

Trade Finance, Provision of Financial Instruments (BG/SBLC) , Project Funding

Full Disclosure on rates/closing cost and terms:

RATES: (Are subject to change and will be updated accordingly). We provide Trade finance and financial instruments for companies requiring a minimum of USD 150 000 and Up.

Our Rate and Validity of instruments (SBLC/BG): Range Between 8.5% - 14% per 90 days and per 366 days (1 year 1 day) (Our rate/term is dependent on instrument issuer, amount)

TERMS: Legal Company/Entity from most jurisdictions Africa, Europe, Asia, South America, North America operating for 3 years and above. Company/Entity has to have liquidity of at least 8.5%-14% of face value of project requiring finance or provide proof of capability to pay the rate at closing of transaction.

#1 Reason Why Projects are sitting on the Sidelines without Financing: Lack of liquidity to meet the requirements of lenders. We are interested in financing Companies/Entities only with Liquidity or are capable to pay the closing cost.

We also consider Commodities (in-ground & above ground assets) Construction, Energy, Humanitarian, Infrastructure, Hotels, Low-Income Housing, and Working Capital. Please email and we will advise. We await your project submission.