Commodities Marketing

White Capital Group through its affiliates, partners and network promotes:

ANIMAL FEED INGREDIENTS: Cotton Seed, Cotton Oil cake, Maize Bran, Wheat Bran.

AGRICULTURE PRODUCTS: Maize, Wheat, Pigeon Peas, Soya Beans, Sugar Beans, Sesame Seed, Sunflower, Cotton, Rice, Pulses etc.,

MINERAL PRODUCTS: Coking / Metallurgical Coal (Mozambique), Thermal / Steam Coal, Iron Ore, Rough Diamond, OIL & GAS: Crude Palm Oil - Indonesia and Malaysia, Vegetable Oil, LPG, D2 Diesel, JP54.

We have a global network team of business development managers in, Africa,America,Europe,and South East Asia who are readily available to assist you in meeting your needs. Credible Buyers interested in purchasing the above. Please email us a Letter of Intent (Company Letterhead).

We can also arrange a Financial Instrument to purchase the above noted commodities.

We understand that our procedures and process may not be compatible with all buyers and want to honor your time by being clear upfront with the requirements of our process.