It makes sense to invest from an offshore investment account. The world's major banks, investment and financial institutions, hedge and mutual funds all trade from offshore. In fact, they end run small onshore investors by simply taking the opposite positron to yours. Then they move the markets against you until you lose. It is a smart move to open an offshore brokerage account and gain access to the worlds markets at your fingertips, and includes

  • Stock Markets

  • Foreign Exchange Trading

  • Options and Futures Trading

  • Precious Metals Trading

  • Mutual and Hedge Funds

  • Gold Certificates and Safe Keeping Receipts

  • Cash Deposit Certificates Saving Investment Accounts

  • Emerging Market Opportunities

  • Confidential Investment Accounts
    We offer a broad array of investment options for active traders or those that prefer to take a more proactive approach in the day-to-day management of their money. Our virtually anonymous investment accounts offer a broad array of markets, so, you are free to trade the markets confidentially.

    Term Deposits/Certificates of Deposit
    Our certificates of deposit can deliver tax-free returns for the fixed income portion of your investment portfolio with a minimum of complication. Clients simply request to move a portion of your funds into a term deposit with one of with our consortium banking partners.

    Gold Certificates / Gold Trading
    with our consortium partners work directly with an internationally renowned mint to provide secure Gold Certificates. We also offer a very private Gold Options Trading Program through Geneva. Proven long term investment opportunity.

    Nominee Services
    Understanding the needs of our clients, who sometimes need to maintain a higher level of privacy, with our consortium partners can design a specific bespoke solution to meet their goals. Our Nominee Investor Account offers total 100% privacy and 100% tax free profits.

    An Offshore Brokerage Account provides you with

  • Secure Online Access

  • Access Global Markets

  • Security and Diversity

  • Risk Management

  • Manage or Traded Accounts

  • 100% Tax Free Online Account

  • Nominee Account Opening Services