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WHITE CAPITAL GROUP consisting WHITE CAPITAL ADVISORS LTD. Cyprus, WHITE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS LTD. India, REVERSE OSMOSIS SYSTEMS & APPLIANCES LTD., India, JOY TECHNOLOGIES india under the holding company WHITE ASSETS ADVISORS GmbH - is a globally-networked and widely acclaimed management consultancy enabling clients to analyze, strategize and act to realize the business opportunities excellently. White Capital provides advisory services on strategy, restructuring, corporate finance, marketing and other add-on services like market research, surveys, executive search, accounting & HRM.

White Capital possesses a multi-national resource pool of Analysts, Strategists, Researchers, Industry specific experts & functional specialists The White Capital Way defines the unique way in which thinking diagnostically, relating strategically and acting to achieve is facilitated in the pursuit to provide excellence in results to the clients.

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Strategy & Business Operations
Corporate Re-structuring

Alignment of the organizational structure in accordance to the established strategy, thus focusing on value-addition as the basis of rationalization. This can be facilitated as a radical ground-zero based approach (which disregards the current structure) or by changing specific aspects in need of rationalization and alignment. Trim and Fit model has been developed with the intent of formulating sustainably lean operations, while gearing for upsides.

Process Re-engineering :

Based on the White Capital Financial Engine Model, which challenges current processes (based on value-addition and strategic alignment) and aids in the development of business enabling processes.

Corporate Finance :

Incorporation Facilitation Turnkey solution to help businesses start up in new geographies, including regulatory approval, setting up operations, executive search and other outsource-able services for the initial phase.

Feasibility Studies | Due Diligence :

Multi-disciplinary evaluation of new business ventures and the study of the pre-acquisition commercial viability of projects.

PRE IPO | IPO | Debt Listing :

Turnkey solution (in conjunction with technical specialists) to manage the entire process of listing - from structuring to share allocation.

Capital Sourcing & Venture Funding :

Structuring and facilitating the search for private equity and debt funding for businesses.

M&A Facilitation :

Facilitating the acquisition and divestment of business entities.

Investment Research :

Providing investors with in-depth research and analytics on listed equities.

Taxation Advisory :

Technical advisory on corporate taxation decisions (in conjunction with technical specialists). Human Resource Management
Job Design | Competency Mapping :

Developing job focus documentation and mapping competencies as the basis of recruitment & selection, training & development and compensation & benefits.

Executive Search :

Identification and recruitment of senior managerial talent, which includes the utilization of assessment centers.

Compensation & Benefits :

Carrying out industry benchmarking surveys and structuring Compensation & Benefits packages.

Employee Engagement Surveys :

Assessing the level of employee satisfaction and the nature of the organizational climate as the basis of developing an HR strategy.

Training & Development :

From identifying training needs to structuring customized learning initiatives to sourcing the best-in-class trainers.

Performance Appraisal Systems :

Conceptualizing, researching and developing organization-wide systems and an enabling culture to drive performance.

Marketing and Channel Strategy

From mapping the entire channel-scope´┐Ż to developing the optimal channel mix, including the development of blue ocean channels and lifestyle integration.

Market Entry

Mapping new markets, developing the optimal entry strategy and facilitating partner identification.

Brand Management

Advisory on managing brands as businesses - from brand identity to brand architecture to brand business plans.

Brand | Intangible Assets Valuation

Valuation of brands and intangible assets as the basis of balance sheet decisions carried out in conjunction with Intangible Business, UK.

Integrated Service Delivery

A holistic approach to ensuring service quality and customer experience via competencies, processes, culture, motivation and performance management.

Integrated Marketing Communication

A scientific approach to help businesses determine their optimal marketing communication mix after comprehensive consideration of conversion stages, lifestyle integration and media reach options.

Sales Management

Audit-based advisory on sales management structure, processes, training and development, and motivational initiatives.

Research & Analytics Market Research Usage & Attitude Studies

Measurement and analysis of consumer attitudes and usage behaviors for specific brands, ranges and markets. Provision of strategic advice for the development of brands and businesses.

Mystery Shopping

Thorough understanding of the current customer service experience. Reporting customer ratings at different points of service encounters.

Competitor Tracking

Competitor reports providing the ability to monitor other companies within the industry. Comprehensive assessment of the product, price, place, promotion and other marketing activities of competitors.

Product Testing

Process of measuring the properties and performance of products on every dimension. The outcome will help address drawbacks for the product to be more competitive in the marketplace.

Brand Strength Measurement

Measrement of brand strength and brand stature. A classic funnel method measuring the level of awareness, familiarity, consideration, purchase, repeat and loyal customer base for the brand.
Advertising Effectiveness

Comprehensive set of solutions aiding media buyers & sellers to understand and decide how much of an impact their advertising has.
Industry Profiles

Industry profiles and guides providing reliable insights regarding a specific industry on a regional and country level.

Company Profiles

Complete understanding of a company value proposition, product portfolio, organizational structure, strength of the labour force, etc.

Market Trend Analysis

Comprehensive market analysis, including market size, growth rate, industry cost structure, distribution channels, market trends, key success factors, etc.

Financial Performance Analysis

Process of selecting, evaluating, and interpreting financial data for a company's present and future financial condition and performance.

Competitive Intelligence

Competitor reports providing the ability to monitor other companies within the industry. Comprehensive assessment of the product, price, place, promotion and other marketing activities of competitors.

Financial Modeling

Mathematical construction and representation of key financial and operational relationships. Comprising of one or several sets of equations to support business linkages. Credentials

Diverse Range of Industries, Clients, Challenges and Solutions Delivered with Bottom-line Impact

Research & Thought Leadership

White Capital has continued to invest in research and thought leadership on strategic issues and opportunities that confront businesses White Capital team of international consultants have presented their papers at over 35 diverse business forums in different parts of the world White Capital has conceptualized, researched and developed business models, which are now being applied by our clients and the business community